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Skin ages just as the rest of the body does. But, while there are some elements of the skin ageing process that cannot be prevented, there are ways to slow the appearance of the visible signs of ageing with care and attention. 


What causes our skin to age?

Genetically based ageing causes biochemical changes in collagen and elastin, the building blocks of tissue in the skin’s dermal layer that provide firmness and elasticity.  The loss of collagen and elastin manifest as thinner, rougher, drier, wrinkled and less responsive skin.

Given that each person’s genetic program is unique, everyone ages at different rates. Yet there are other factors that affect the skin’s appearance. Your health, nutrition, sun exposure, stress levels and environmental factors intensify the normal effects of ageing.

How to care for ageing skin?

A good skincare regimen can make a huge difference to how the skin ages. Protection from the sun and pollution are key first steps.  Application of a high SPF, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen is crucial all year round. Regular cleansing both in the morning and evening will help to shift the effects of pollution and encourage the skin to shed dead skin cells.  Professional treatments such as Bio-Lift (Non-Surgical Face Lift stimulate sluggish cells and muscle memory to help boost skin metabolism and lift and tone softening features.

Recommended Treatments


Grade 0

Youthful, supple skin with an even skintone; excellent firmness and elasticity.

Grade 3

Fully developed fine lines, hint of wrinkles in expression areas; pronounced deepening of the nasolabial fold; beginning stages of hyperkeratosis. Loss of firmness and elasticity of the neck, lower face, eye area, and forehead.

Grade 1

A hint of fine lines around the eyes made visible with expression or facial movement; firm skin with good elasticity.

Grade 4

Developed wrinkles; deeper nasolabialfolds and pronounced forehead  lines; Hyperkeratosis and loss of firmness and elasticity of the neck, lower face, eye area and forehead.

Grade 2

Fine lines around the eyes, possibly in expression areas and on forehead, slight deepening of the nasolabial fold; minor loss of firmness and tone.

Grade 5

Deep wrinkles all over, deep nasolabial folds. Aged appearance; extremely hyperkeratotic skin. Increased loss of firmness and elasticity of the neck, lower face, and eye areas.

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