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Crystal free microdermabrasion (also known as a Diamond Peel) is the latest technology that utilises natural diamond chips plated to a stainless surgical-steel wand.  This polishes away dead skin layers to expose healthier skin and promote new growth.  

Microdermabrasion is a great introductory treatment to the world of advanced skincare solutions.


This is is a fantastic treatment if you would like to address any of the following skin concerns:

Skin texture - Superficial pigmentation / Age spots

Acne scarring - Lines and wrinkles - Dull flaky skin - Extremely oily skin

Microdermabrasion can achieve dramatic results after only one treatment, however the best results are seen after a course of 6 to 10 treatments which are scheduled 7 to 14 days apart.  

The Treatment

Prior to treatment - avoid excessive sun exposure or application of fake tan. Refrain from using retinol, glycolic or salycylic acid products, for 1 – 2 weeks. A thorough skin consultation will be carried out, helping you understand the procedure, possible side effects, and the importance of after care. Microdermabrasion is incroporated into a hydrating facial. The skin will be thoroughly cleansed prior to the treatment. The Diamond Microdermabrasion procedure is not uncomfortable or painful (it has been likened to the rough lick of a cat's tongue!). A soothing mask will then be applied, followed by a mineral SPF 30 sunscreen.

Is it suitable for me?

This is a fantastic treatment suitable for all skin types. It is not only suitable for the face, but also other areas of the body. Darker Fitzpatrick skin types may require to prep their skin before and after treatment to control any risk of postinflammatory pigmentation developing.


This treatment is not suitable if you have a hypersensitive skin, uncontrolled diabetes, sunburn, scarring which is less than 6 months old or recent fillers or botox. It is also not possible to have this treatment if you are taking skin thinning medication such as roacutane, or using Retinal A products.

Special Offers

Face & Neck Single Treatment - £50 Courses of 3 and 6 are discounted. Face & Neck Including Chemical Lactic Acid Resurfacer - from £110 per treatment Body POA - prices are dependent on the size of the area to be treated. This will be determined during consultation.

After Care

Because microdermabrasion works only on the superficial layers of the skin, serious side effects are very rare. Not only can you return to your normal routine immediately after treatment, but you can even reapply your make-up right away. Immediately after treatment you may experiance some redness similar to mild sunburn, due to increased blood flow near the surface of the skin. This usally fades after a few hours. The days following treatment you may experience some dryness or flakiness. This typically resolves within a week. Some sun sensitivity may be experienced after the treatment and therefore daily application of an SPF is important (even on cloudy or rainy days). We recommend the DermaQuest Solar Moisturizer SPF30 or the SheerZinc SPF30. Appropriate skincare will be recommended on the day of your treatment to help accelerate the regineration process, protect the skin from the environment and enhance your desired results. Stop using AHA’s or Retin A for 5-7 days post treatment, or until the skin has fully recovered. Avoid any heat treatments or vigorous exercise, direct sun exposure, sun beds, sauna and steam rooms for 24 hours following treatment.

Boost Your Treatment

It is possible to boost your microdermabrasion treatment by including a Chemical Lactic Acid Resurfacer and LED Light Therapy.

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