Patch Testing Policy


Having a patch test may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience , but the consequences of having an allergic reaction from products far outweighs the 5 minutes needed to do the test!

The following treatments offered at Dala Lounge require a Patch Test:

  • Eyelash tint

  • Eyebrow tint

  • Lash Lift/Perming

  • Spray Tanning

  • Some resurfacer/peel treatments

Patch Testing Requirements

  • Patch testing is a legal requirement under Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, and is a requirement for our insurance cover with InSync Insurers.

  • All clients will be patch tested in advance of first-time treatments taking place. This must take place at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • All clients will have a patch test performed every 12 months, as well if there are any changes to our products or suppliers.

  • Clients will be patch tested again if there is a change in medical circumstances. This includes a change of prescription medication, vaccinations or the diagnosis of any chronic, life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

What to look out for following the test

Some typical adverse reactions to be aware of may include redness, itchiness or dry skin. Less commonly, swelling, anaphylaxis, blistering or breathing issues may be seen.  

If any of these symptoms do occur, please contact your GP as soon as possible to investigate the reaction/allergy further.   Please also contact Dala Lounge to advise us of any adverse reactions.