Give your energy and immune levels a boost.

Intramuscular injections, also referred to as booster shots, are administered into larger muscles in the body, most commonly in the bottom or the arm. 


These boosters deliver a powerful concentrated dose of vitamins to improve your health and well-being.


Unlike oral supplements, these are given intramuscular so bypass the digestive system giving you maximum absorption and an instant boost. 

Your safety and health is our priority.

Our therapist has received certified, classroom based training focused on proper client care and practices in line with correct and proper injection techniques.  They also hold valid and relevant insurance.

The products used for injections are NHS approved, UK licensed, and supplied by a UK licensed and registered pharmacist.

Injections are only administered after a full consultation.

Vitamin B12 Booster
£25 | 15 mins

Energy Boost - Mental Clarity - Deeper Sleep - Better Mood

- Metabolism Boost - Immunity Booster

Vitamin D Booster
£30 | 15 mins

Energy Boost - Mental Clarity - Stronger Bones & Teeth - Better Mood - Immunity Boost

- Improves Psoriasis - Reduced Risk of Cognitive Decline

- Reduces Symptoms of Depression