Give your energy and immune levels a boost.

Intramuscular injections, also referred to as booster shots, are administered into larger muscles in the body, most commonly in the bottom or the arm. 


These boosters deliver a powerful concentrated dose of vitamins to improve your health and well-being.


Unlike oral supplements, these are given intramuscular so bypass the digestive system giving you maximum absorption and and an instant boost. 

Vitamin B12 Booster
£25 | 15 mins

Energy Boost - Mental Clarity - Deeper Sleep - Better Mood

- Metabolism Boost - Immunity Booster

Vitamin D Booster
£25 | 15 mins

Energy Boost - Mental Clarity - Stronger Bones & Teeth - Better Mood - Immunity Boost

- Improves Psoriasis - Reduced Risk of Cognitive Decline

- Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Vitamin C Booster
£25 | 15 mins

Immunity Booster - Build Collagen - Glowing Skin - Lower Hypertension - Guard Against Heart Disease - Better Wound Healing - Important for Eye Health